10 советов оптимизации сайта Word-Press
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10 tips to optimize your site Word-Press

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In order for your site to be successful, we must not lose sight of certain points. Here are 10 simple tips to best optimize your site Word Press.


10 tips to optimize your site Word-Press

Choose a good theme for Word-Press

The first step, choose a convenient and attractive theme for your Word Press site, the theme is important! It will be part of the elements that will determine the performance of your site.

 To select a topic, consider the following criteria:

Preferably in a minimalist style with features that you actually need. This is even more true when it comes to e-commerce.

Select the topic in which there are SEO optimization.

More and more people surf the Internet with tablets and Smartphones, so it is important to choose a supportive theme that will fit all types of mobile devices.

The theme should be fresh and regularly updated, to ensure the safety of your Word Press website.

Do update regularly

Some items need to be updated in your theme, the latest version of Word Press plugins. These updates enable you to fix some security holes, but also optimize the function and performance of your website.

Be sure to add your data and contacts

A site that is created on a professional level must comply with the legal norms, even if sales are not offered on the site. Here’s what you need to tell visitors about yourself:

For a personal website: «about the author» Section, email, Skype.

Optimize your images

Few people think to change the size of the image, because their Word-Press does this automatically when you send, but it’s a mistake! Large images can slow down your site.

It is very important to optimize the size of the image before it is posted. To reduce his weight, I advise you to go to Photoshop/File/Save for Web, choose JPEG format, and then change the image quality by moving the slider.

The example below:


For SEO optimization of your site, rename the file to match the keyword.

After these changes, do not forget to remove the default link, which leads to the page with the picture. In fact, if you leave this link as soon as a user clicks on the image it will switch to the page with the picture. So little interest, if you do not want to picture was a reference to a special page or article.

To change the default tab stops box, select «none» in the «link to» image:


Delete the category «Uncategorized»

When you post an article, if you have not made changes to categories (categories), it is by default in the «Uncategorized». To avoid this, forgetting to change this category every time, the simplest way is to remove it and replace with a different default category (such as «articles».

To do this, follow these steps:

If the category was not created, go to the «all records» > «Headings» and then add a new entry.

After you have created, click «settings», then «Writing»

Finally select the default category Category articles

Be careful to spam comments

Spam comments often provide links to third-party resource, but there are spam, more subtle … for example, a visitor may leave you a comment like this «thank you very much interesting in your article, it’s great!» This comment does not contain anything specific and indicates spam.

Be vigilant against this kind of feedback, to filter the spam comments, I recommend the plugin Akismet.

Don’t forget to also delete all your unwanted comments, because they tend to occupy space in the database.

SEO optimization in your articles, changing permalinks

By default, Word-Press uses «mon-site.fr/? p = 123» in the URL for their articles. In order to better optimize the SEO of your website, you must include keywords in the URL. To change this, go to «settings» > «permalinks» and select «arbitrarily».


Protect your site by changing the name of the author and admin

When you publish an article on the author’s name. This may jeopardize the security of your website, if you don’t change it. In fact, by default, the name of the author, as well as the name of the admin Word-Press the same. Thus, you give a chance for hackers to use this valuable information.

You must choose to either make your name hidden. If you want to change the display order of your name publicly without fear of breaking in, go to «Users» > «your profile» and enter «nickname». You can decide to publicly display his nickname.

Now just implement these 10 recommendations that will enable you to optimize Word-Press site!

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